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Welcome to Alternatives

Welcome to our directory of Complementary Therapists and Alternative services and products,etc. Complementary health care is now very established and widely accepted and the aim of our website is to make it easier for you to find a treatment or complementary therapist located in your area, whether you're looking for reflexology and massage to chiropody or osteopathy, psychotherapy to lifestyle coaching, they are being listed here.

Alternatives only lists therapists who have recognised qualifications and governing body memberships but please ask them to confirm these to your satisfaction should you wish to make an appointment.

The Alternatives Directory includes a Suppliers section for help finding essential oils, recycling aids, green and eco-friendly products, and much more.

We want to build a comprehensive list of Therapists and Suppliers so please don`t hesitate to get in touch if you wish to be listed or know of a person or company that you think should be added.

`Alternatives` is just one word to describe the vast range of treatments available as `complementary therapy`, natural therapy`, etc. As such we believe these therapies should be used in conjunction with normal medical care and not as replacements and you should always inform your G.P. when undertaking any treatments for medical reasons.