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Monique Kleinveld

Town: Brighton
County: Sussex
Telephone: 0791 7486 794

Are the foods you are eating giving you health problems ?
Identifying potential harmful foods and vitamin and mineral deficiencies can make a BIG difference to your health !

Based in Brighton, East Sussex healthy-u-nutrition is run by Monique Kleinveld, a qualified holistic health and nutrition practitioner and food intolerence therapist. Monique also offers bioenergetic screening, performing full electronic health analyses.

Treats people suffering from a range of symptoms that can manifest on a physical, mental and emotional level. Potential harmful foods and imbalances are identified which may be causing health problems. Following an in-depth one-to-one consultation, including a full family health history, the body can be put on the road to recovery and better health using natural medicine, such as dietary changes and supplements. The person is treated as a whole rather than as a set of symptoms requiring treatment. Monique offers a personalised approach, and every treatment is tailored to the individual, taking into account lifestyle and achievable goals.

This is so much more than just a test. The session includes a basic nutritional cunsultation. You will benefit from Monique's knowledge and experience as an holistic nutrition practitioner in analysing your health problems and interpreting your results. Using the very latest technology and suitable for all ages, the test is safe, painless and non-invasive providing instant results. An electronic analyser measures changes in body resistance using a pen-shaped sensor and a cylinder. The machine helps to pinpoint offending foods or allergens. You will be advised on a dietary support programme including supplements, which if followed correctly should aid your body to recover.

Monique can help with conditions such as:

  • asthma
  • allergies / food intolerances
  • arthritis
  • bloating
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • gout
  • hayfever
  • headaches
  • IBS & bowel disorders
  • joint problems
  • low blood sugar levels
  • low immunity disorders
  • ME
  • migraines
  • plantar fasitis
  • PMS and menopausal symptoms
  • skin complaints
  • thrush / candida albicans
  • weight problems
  • and so much more...
Qualifications: Member of the Association of Holistic Nutritional Practitioners
Dip HNP, Dip AIT, Cert NN
Located in: Health Screening