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Ammah Ansa

Town: Northwood
County: Middlesex
Address: Alternatives Complementary Therapy Centre, 118 High St, Northwood HA6 1BJ
Telephone: 01923 828832

I am a Qualified Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. I also teach meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques. Psychotherapy combined with hypnotherapy opens transformational doorways to lasting and positive change, so that you can change unwanted habits (ie smoking, nail biting), dissolve depression, resolve emotional trauma, neutralise anxiety and stress and shed unwanted weight. I like to help people with lack of confidence and self esteem (can be useful for interviews and public speaking) and often clients do not need too many sessions. I have also extensively studied Reiki and I am a Reiki Master. I work at Alternatives Complementary Therapy Centre in Northwood, Middlesex which is close to Watford, Harrow or Uxbridge.

Qualifications: Gov. Body. Central Register for Advanced Hypnotherapists
Quals. BSc ( Hons ) Dip. THP, Adv.Hyp (N-SHAP)
Located in: Hypnotherapists